Special-purpose associations

Surselva hospital association, municipal delegates

The Surselva hospital association is a municipal special-purpose association and runs the Surselva regional hospital in Ilanz. All the Surselva communities are members of the special-purpose association.

  • Gartmann-Pengt Susanne
  • Schnider-Illien Marianne
  • Tönz-Rieder Anton

Regiun Surselva

Regium Surselva is a municipal special-purpose association of which all the Surselva communities are members. The association's main responsibilities include regional planning (regional development), waste disposal, the music school and certain special school services. Since the revision of the statutes in 2007, the association is no longer represented by municipal delegates but by a parliament. Website for

Corporation of KWZ Communities, municipal delegates

The Corporation of KWZ Communities was founded in 2004 and represents the interests of 22 concession authorities at Kraftwerke Zervreila AG (KWZ), a partner plant of the power plant groups NOK, ATEL and Sernf Niederenbach Energie AG. The concession authorities have had investments in KWZ AG as partners since 2008.

Schmid Stefan