Tax office

Responsibilities of the tax office

The municipal tax office is primarily responsible for municipal taxes:

  • municipal income tax and tax on assets
  • property transfer tax
  • property tax
  • municipal real estate gains tax
  • municipal inheritance and gift tax. It deals with sending and collecting tax declarations
  • for the Canton of Grisons tax office;
  • collecting withholding tax. By the way:

the municipal tax is 100% of the simple Cantonal tax from 01.01.2009.

Tax declaration:

The following deadlines apply for next year:

  • 31st March for non-self-employed people, school children, students, the retired, unemployed and communities of heirs.
  • 30th September for the self-employed, ordinary partnerships and people resident outside the Canton with their place of business in the Canton of Grisons.
  • 30th September for people resident outside the Canton with properties in the Canton of Grisons (limited tax liability).

Fill in your tax declaration on the computer using "SofTax GR"

"SofTax GR" is the official software from the Canton of Grisons tax office to complete the tax declaration for private individuals (incl. ordinary partnerships and undistributed inheritance) with residence in the Canton.

A maximum of 5 tax declarations can be completed using the standard version.
The programme supports the standard Windows operating systems 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT 4.0, XP as well as Linux and Mac.
It is available on CD from the Canton of Grisons printed media and materials centre (Planaterrastr. 16, 7000 Chur, Tel. +41 (0)81 257 22 60; e-mail: or as download from the Grisons tax office website.: (Please note the information about file size and system requirements.)


Deadline extensions should be addressed to the municipal tax office with reasons before the submission deadline has expired.

  • You are not informed about the approval of extension requests.
  • With married couples both spouses must sign the tax declaration.
  • Any missing forms can be obtained from the municipal tax office.
  • If the tax declaration is completed using a computer, the "master sheet with bar codes" must also be signed and submitted.

Questions about tax declaration

If you have any questions about completing your tax declaration please contact the municipal tax office.

The Canton of Grisons tax office is responsible for any questions concerning the assessment of income tax or tax on assets for private individuals, real estate gains tax, inheritance and gift tax and the taxing of legal entities. You can find detailed information online from the Cantonal tax office.

The Catholic Church parish is responsible for questions about church tax.