Residents' registration office

Responsibilities of the residents' registration office

The residents' registration office is responsible for all matters pertaining to the registration of residents (any moves in and out of the municipality, weekly residents). It is also the contact point for work and residence permits for foreign nationals for submission to the Cantonal Office for Law Enforcement.

  • Anyone who moves into Vals has to register with their certificate of nationality within 8 days. Weekly residents have to present a community of residence certificate. Verification of health insurance must be presented when you register.
  • Anyone who moves away from Vals, has to give notice of departure beforehand and has their identity documents returned.
  • Moves within the municipality must also be registered within 8 days.

The residents' registration office is also responsible for

  • the issuing of certificates of residence and character references.
  • applications for an identity card (IDC) or passport (you must appear in person, a recent flawless quality passport photo is also required).


Children/young people under 18 years old CHF 35
Adults CHF 70
Children/young people under 18 years old CHF 60
Adults CHF 125
Joint children/young people under 18 years old CHF 73
Adults CHF 138


Employers who want to employ foreign nationals receive the necessary request forms. These can be downloaded from the Office for Law Enforcement and Civil Law where you can also find detailed information.