Land registry office

Responsibilities of the land registry office

The land registry constitutes the basis for legal property transactions and is crucial for acquisition and loss, changing and transferring rights to properties.

Rights to properties are not immediately obvious to the public. If someone wants to buy a property they must be able to reliably ascertain beforehand who the property belongs to and which rights and encumbrances are associated with it. Anyone can find out who is entered as the owner of a property in the land registry from the land registry office. Other information is provided if a legitimate interest can be made credible.

Vals municipality's territory is the Vals land registry administrative district. It is a very large land registry administrative district with 153 km². There are numerous mountain pastures and forests. The municipality's agricultural area is 482 ha. The populated area measures 80 ha. However, roughly 60% of the municipality consists of unproductive area. The land registry administrative district is broken down into 4,100 parcels of land and has over 650 apartment units. The property rights and rights of co-determination to the mountain pastures are based on over 1,000 alpine grazing units.

Other responsibilities of the land registry office are:

  • to document and certify legal transactions
  • to introduce the official land register