Länta Hut SAC closed

Länta Hut SAC closed in summer 2019!


Because of weather damage and damage of rockfall the Länta hut SAC is closed during summer 2019!


The Länta Hut - the power of nature is simply unbelievable here

Länta Hut SAC can only be reached on foot so the passionate hut warden and mountaineer Thomas Meier has to have six tons of food flown in by helicopter at the start of the season and walks down to Vals once or twice a week with his donkey to buy fresh produce. As fresh cooking is also important to him, Meier does all the cooking himself.

The Länta Hut offers 33 beds that are managed by three people. The season always starts with the high-alpine ski tours in March and ends in May. The hiking season starts in mid-June and lasts until mid-October.

Culture in the mountains

As one of the smallest huts Länta Hut SAC celebrated in 2013 its 100th anniversary, while the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) celebrated its 150th anniversary. The cottage in Läntatal is a hot tip, which is also due to Thomas Meiers operating philosophy, to serve every guest optimally.

In addition, the Länta Hut SAC offers a cultural program, thereby attracting artists, writers and photographers. Together with schools and youth organizations the network of hiking trails in the valley was expanded in recent years, so that the area has become very attractive not only for mountaineers and climbers, but also for hikers today.

Länta Hut SAC
Thomas Meier
7132 Vals
+41 (0)81 935 17 13 (hut) or +41(0)81 935 14 05 (village)