Essential for (mountain) hikers: signs with information about destination and times. Along the way you can also find markings to confirm or point out the direction, for example on signposts, milestones and trees.

Yellow routes

The completely yellow signs or markers stand for easy to walk hiking trails that do not have any special requirements. Suitable shoes are recommended.


The yellow signs with white-red-white point indicate mountain hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty that are often steep and sometimes also narrow.

White-red-white coloured lines or direction arrows are off-road intermediate markings. Particularly difficult or exposed sections are secured by ropes or chains. Physical fitness and sturdy shoes are required and it is recommended you have a topographical map with you.


Blue signs with the white-blue-white lace and white-blue-white intermediate lines are for difficult alpine routes. These alpine routes are only for experienced alpine hikers with appropriate equipment.

Regional routes

Besides this, there are yellow signs here and there with green stickers and the Swiss mobile route number 35 in the Vals Valley. These indicate Grison's Vals route.