Conduct on mountains and trails

You will constantly come across animals when hiking in the vast Vals Valley:
cows, sheep, goats on mountains and trails. Here are some tips about how to behave correctly towards animals and generally also on tours.

  • Cows are usually harmless companions. You do not need to be afraid of them but you should approach animals with respect.
  • Mother cows defend their calves. Keep your distance and be aware of how the mother cow is behaving. Link information for behaviour
  • Keep dogs on a lead and let go of them in an emergency.
  • Sheep are usually timid. Approach them quietly and calmly but always give the sheep a chance to get out of the way otherwise they may start to panic.
  • Goats are very affectionate and harmless, they are funny companions and would follow you a long way but they should stay with their herd. Assertively send them back.
  • A herd of animals has made themselves comfortable on the hiking trail: walk through the herd quietly and calmly. Sheep tend to be anxious, cows can be curious but are usually indifferent.
  • A herd of animals is being herded on the hiking trail: give the animals right of way, wait next to the trail until the herd has passed.
  • A farmer might call out "Nid imMatt umaleischa" if you walk across meadows that have not been mown yet. You should only walk across mown meadows and slopes.
  • Herd protection dogs guarding their herd. Keep distance to dog and flock and do not disturb the herd. Bypassing the flock whenever possible. Hike not wih companion dogs in regions with livestock guardian dogs. Link for behaviour and places:
  • Close gates and fences so that animals cannot escape. Caution: Most wire fences are electrically charged.
  • It goes without saying that rubbish must be disposed of properly.

We wish you a wonderful hiking day in our archaic mountain landscape!