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Bi ünsch in Vals

Tschifera (woven basket carried on back. There are different baskets for bread, wood, mixed use and moving [roba = to move, to transport goods from one place to another, also for hay and kids (= toddler)].

The Tschifera, Vals' guest magazine, appears twice a year and includes stories all about Vals, its inhabitants, customs, nature and culture and is published by Visit Vals, the information office.
Browse through current and old issues and find out what you can experience and learn here "bi ünsch"!

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Tschifera Winter 2012/13

Vals lebt – European Village Renewal Prize 2012

Following an extensive assessment on site a high-ranking interdisciplinary international jury selected the municipality of Vals as the winner at the final assessment meeting in Munich. "Vals has taken action in a way that holistically takes into account numerous economic, ecological and social aspects, which has led to a development that is impressively in keeping with the motto of this year's competition "Tracking down the future", Chair of the European Association of Rural Development and Village Renewal, Erwin Pröll governor from Lower Austria, enthusiastically gives his first response.

The municipality of Vals is creating a solid basis for future generations with the coordinated use of its resources water, stone and grass. The jury justifies its choice by saying this sets a fine example.

This prize gives the people of Vals the energy to continue to positively shape the future. The entry was also based on the publication "Vals lebt" (Vals lives), which can be obtained from the information office.

Europäischer Dorferneuerungspreis 2014 - Festakt in Vals

Als Gewinner des Dorferneuerungspreises 2014 durfte die Gemeinde Vals die Preisverleihung im September 2014 für den Gewinner ausrichten. Dieser Anlass, der uns an die 1000 Gäste ins Dorf brachte, war ein gelungenes Fest!